Thursday, March 14, 2013

Positive Early Feedback and Property Map

This is a big thank you to those folks who have already shared their thoughts on the potential solutions.  The early returns seem to indicate a feeling that we need to do something, and the "mini-speed tables" seem to be earning the bulk of the support thus far.

The purpose of this blog entry is to identify the address numbers of the affected properties.  65% of these homeowners will need to "buy-in" to a plan in order to request that the City begin construction.  I have pulled a picture of the "affected homes" from the GIS system on the City of Dunwoody website.  According to the City there are 18 affected properties, which means that to enact change at least 12 property owners will need to ratify a change.

I would ask that if anyone who lives on or near these addresses is so inclined, please speak to your neighbors about the proposals, and test the waters.  I suspect that we are already close to the required number, but we want to ensure that folks who may not have seen the plans have a chance to ask questions and share concerns.  Let's make our road safer!

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